What's This?

Every once in a while, it turns out that the things I scribble down in my notebook while working on something may be useful for other developers. So I edit them and publish them here.

What I end up with is usually not quite a tutorial: wherever I think it's relevant, I try to focus on why as much as I focus on what. I think HOWTO -- a term popularized a long time ago by TLDP -- is the right label for these things.

Embedded Systems

Practical Modbus Fuzzing with boofuzz: a quick introduction to protocol fuzzing using boofuzz.

Custom BLE Services with the nRF SDK: a very long, but hopefully very informative HOWTO about writing custom services using the nRF SDK.

DMA-based SPI on SHARC ADSP-21489: a quick note, with code examples, on implementing SPI communication with DMA on a SHARC ADSP-21489. Likely works on all SHARC devices.