Why is Azure Such a Big Deal for Linux?

We are nearing the twenty-year anniversary of the Halloween documents, and in this context, I find myself routinely answering the same question: why is Azure so important for Linux and Microsoft? Why is it such a big deal?What’s this EEE that old people keep talking about?

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What the Linux CoC tells us about FOSS in 2018

It turns out that the rumours about impending doom are false. I have left my bunker today and it appears that the sky has not yet fallen, and that the world as we know it still exists. And yet, the unthinkable has happened: Linus Torvalds apologized for his behaviour, and has even decided to take time off in order to improve it. And a controversial (?) Code of Conduct has been adopted.

I do not want to defend or attack this decision in this post (although, for the record, I would certainly defend it). What I want to talk about is how the FOSS world has changed in the last fifteen years or so, and why I think this happened.

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A Blast From the Past: Debian Woody

The Debian project just turned 25, which calls for celebration. Unfortunately, I’m on a pretty restrictive diet at the moment, which means that beer is out of the question. So I settled for the second-best solution: I took Debian 3.0, the first Debian version I used, out for a drive.

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