A Blast From the Past: Debian Woody

The Debian project just turned 25, which calls for celebration. Unfortunately, I’m on a pretty restrictive diet at the moment, which means that beer is out of the question. So I settled for the second-best solution: I took Debian 3.0, the first Debian version I used, out for a drive.

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USENIX Security ’18: Highlights

USENIX Security may not be the most glamorous security conference today, but I cannot remember the last time I’ve looked over the proceedings and said oh well, nothing interesting happened this year. And USENIX Security ’18 is no exception.

USENIX graciously publishes all the papers presented at the conferences that it organizes, and the proceedings of USENIX Security ’18 were just published. What better to do on a hot August afternoon, right?

There is plenty of interesting reading material in there, but eight papers in particular caught my attention.

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